Hans Hoffman @MOCAJax

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These images were taken at the opening of the Hans Hoffman exhibit at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) in Jacksonville, Florida.  The placard for each work follows the picture.

Friday night Joya, Conni and I went to the member’s opening of the Hans Hoffman: Works on Paper exhibit at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCAJax).  We started the evening with hors d’oeuvres and mingling.  Mostly the mingling was everyone saying “hi” to Joya and us trying to get her to wave or blow a kiss to them.  It was nice, because we met Jaime DeSimone’s (the Curator) parents as we were walking through the Project Atrium exhibit by Nicola Lopez.  They were very nice and her mother and Joya took to each other very quickly. There was a short introduction by Ben Thompson, the Deputy Director, followed by a brief overview of Hoffman and his work by  Jaime.  During the introduction by Mr. Thompson, Joya took off running through the gift shop.  Just as Mr. Thompson made a remark about Hoffman, Joya screamed in jubilant joy, at the top of her lungs.  There was a very brief — but awkward — pause, and then Mr. Thompson said, “She agrees!” and everyone started laughing.

After the introduction, we went to see the exhibit and it was amazing — if you are in Jacksonville while this exhibit is still up, I recommend you go see it.  Joya spent her time running through the gallery from picture to picture while I was trying to get pictures of the exhibit.  I didn’t take pictures of Joya with the artwork, she was moving around too much for that. But, we will go back and will spend more time at the exhibit so she, and I, can explore it more.  I prefer to go on Sundays because there are very few people there so you get more peace and quiet in the galleries which allows me to look at the work and appreciate it better, and allows Joya the ability to run around and look at whichever piece she prefers.


Saturday we drove to Mount Dora, Florida, near Orlando, to go to a SteamPunk festival/exhibit.  It turned out to be less of a festival and more of a flea market / antique show.


Though I won’t complain because I did find a really nice 1944 copy of Omar Khayyam’s Rubaiyat. I think it is going to be a gift for a friend.  Joya got frustrated when she was confined to the stroller for a while but tore through the whole place when she got to get out and go for a walk.  There really isn’t too much to say about this other than it was a fun day trip — it was mostly just a flea market.



  1. The Museum of Contemporary Art in Jacksonville is a cultural institute of UNF.
  2. The pictures here do not do justice to the work in the gallery.  Also, the care and attention that went to arranging and hanging the art and all of the descriptors was remarkable.  I’ll again make the shameless plug that if you are ever in Jacksonville, go see it!  And if the Hoffman exhibit has rotated out, whatever exhibit is there will be equally as remarkable.
  3. The Steampunk show had a steampunk band and there were several people walking through the show dressed in steampunk garb.  I would have liked for it to be more similar to a convention, but I’ll take what we got — Joya didn’t seem to mind! There were plenty of other older kids there dressed in steampunk garb to keep her entertained.  I wish I would’ve gotten her picture taken with some of the costumed people–lesson learned for the next adventure.