A Thursday with Joya

I thought I’d talk about a typical day with Joya.  We had to wait on the Terminix guy to come and do an inspection because they thought they saw some type of rodent activity when they came for the regular quarterly bug treatment.  So, we stayed home and did home stuff.

Our typical morning involves watching the morning Mass at Our Lady of Angels Monastery on EWTN.  The first five pictures are from watching the morning Mass.  “Cheesy Poofs!” I’m sure that’s what she’d be saying if she were talking.  Yeah, they aren’t really cheesy poofs, per se, they are Gerber cheddar puffs for toddlers.  She loves them and I’ll admit that they are pretty good.  They’re whole grain, so no complaints there — even though typically I do complain about whole grain stuff.  Brown rice — yuck.  Whole wheat pasta — yuck.  It’s too chewy and doesn’t taste like pasta or rice.  But these puffs are actually pretty good.  I probably eat one for every five Joya eats.  After eating her cheesy poofs, she grabbed one of her toys and stood in front of the TV and danced to the organ music from the Mass.  I think we’re going to have to talk about that as she gets older — it might be frowned upon if she goes dancing down the aisle of Church during Mass.  Not to mention I’m pretty sure dancing during the Mass is illicit.

Joya was taken with the Terminix guy.  He started his inspection outside, so Joya and I had lunch first — couscous and chicken.  The last picture is Joya having spread the couscous all over her tray.  I’m not sure how much she ate, how much ended up in the floor and how much went down the drain when I washed off her tray.  It doesn’t matter so long as she ate something.  She typically eats a little bit of whatever is put in front of her, and really likes spaghetti (thank God, so do I!), she really liked the quiche we had yesterday (again, thank God! I love quiche and pesto), and, sadly (not because it’s necessarily bad but because my waistline won’t like it) she loves chicken McNuggets from McDonalds.  Yep, chicken McNuggets.  She devours them.  I like them, too.  But my cholesterol and my waist don’t.  But I’m still going to eat them, especially if Joya does.  Damn the luck, she does.  I’m going to get fat. Oh, well, it’s worth it so long as she eats.  That notwithstanding, I was doing laundry while lunch was cooking and I went out to the laundry room and Joya stepped out with me just as the Terminix guy walked through the gate of the fence in coveralls, a respirator and was putting on gloves getting ready to go under the house.  Joya stopped and stared.  I tried to explain respirators to her, and the PPE (personal protective equipment) but she didn’t care.  It was something new and fascinating to her so she just stared.  And stared.  And stared.  I had to pick her up and put her back in the door to get her in the house for lunch.  Then we had the couscous explosion.  But that’s a different story (or at least a story that is waiting until tomorrow when the couscous is sufficiently dried out so I can sweep it up).

Shortly after we finished lunch, the Terminix guy came in to inspect the attic.  I was folding laundry — a task that normally involves folding two items, chasing Joya down the hallway to get them back, folding them again then chasing Joya down the hallway to get the four other pieces of laundry she pulled out of the laundry basket back.  Suffice it to say, folding laundry is definitely one step forward, five steps back with Joya.  However, with the Terminix guy here, her infatuation with him actually worked in my favor for folding laundry.  We normally have the above described fight when folding laundry but today, with the Terminix guy inspecting the house and going up into the attic, she spend the entire time watching him.  She watched him bring in his ladder, climb in one access port, then the other access port, then kept staring.  I managed to get all of the laundry folded while she watched the Terminix guy do his inspection.  It was refreshing to not spend over an hour folding laundry.  I’m sure the Terminix guy didn’t understand why I was so happy, but I’m sure, had he been in my shoes, he would’ve felt the same way.

Joya refused to take a nap while the Terminix guy was here, she was too busy trying to figure out what he was doing.  But when he left, she wanted a bottle and promptly fell asleep.  After her nap, we went to Walmart.  I wish I had taken pictures, but the way she contorted herself in the cart had me laughing.  She was leaning against the side of the cart, had one leg up against the back of the cart, and the one that went out of the leg hole of the cart, the foot came in through the other leg hole.  I probably didn’t explain that effectively enough, but if you had seen it, you would laugh, too.

Dinner tonight consisted of pork chops and roasted acorn squash with butter and brown sugar. Joya chowed down on several pieces of pork chop, but she really wasn’t feeling the acorn squash.  Well, she felt it, she smeared it all over the tray of her high chair.  And threw part of it in the floor.  And some in her hair.  Thank God for wet wipes!

After dinner we went for a walk around the block.  I have taken Joya out for walks in the arboretum and in the Lake Kissimmee State Park and have had discussions about ensuring that she walks on the trail.  When we went for a walk tonight, as we walked along the sidewalk around the block, Joya kept straying off of the sidewalk into people’s lawns.  I referred to the sidewalk as the trail and reminded her that we have to walk on the trail, it is what protects nature.  Joya, for the most part, kept to the trail — sidewalk.  I hope that sense of understanding continues throughout her childhood and into her adult life. I don’t want to burden her with unnecessary rules and regulations, but I want her to understand that there are reasons for rules — and some of those reasons are admirable, but others, well, not quite so much.  I want her to understand that we have to have something we believe in and sometimes it means standing up for our moral beliefs.  I want to impart on her libertarian ideals, the very ideals that define what our founders — and what humanity — strive for as independent beings with free will.

All of that notwithstanding, this was a standard day with Joya.  I’m looking forward to many more just like it.