MOCA Jax: Art and Ideas, Gabriel Dawe

We had a particularly rough night last night.  Joya woke up about every hour, took thirty minutes to go back to sleep each time, but then woke back up.  It definitely took a toll on all of us, though Joya took over a two-hour nap today, so she got the better end of that deal!  It took a little while to get her down tonight, so I’m hoping tonight isn’t a repeat of last night.

We attended a talk with Gabriel Dawe today, the artist who created the Project Atrium: Plexus No 38 at MOCA Jax. These lectures are always amazing because of the interaction with the artists and learning about each one’s individual style and art.  Joya sat through the first part of it well, but started getting fidgety and loud so I had to take her out.  You can see in the pictures the marquee screen, Jaime DeSimone giving and introduction, and then Jaime with Gabriel as they start the talk.  I included one of the pictures of one of his previous works so you could see the type of installations he does.  Gabriel spoke of how his art plays with light and color.  My favorite parts of his talk were when he said that as he strung up the thread, the material disappeared and only color remained, which you can definitely see as you look at his work.  He also said that the space tells him what to do with it, and as he does it, it is like he is drawing in space.  Looking at the exhibits, I would say it looks like he is drawing in space with light and color.  Very beautiful installations.

Joya did not last through the entire lecture, so she and I went into the museum and explored and left Conni to hear the remainder.  I managed to get a couple of more pictures of her as she was running around the atrium.  There were a couple of pictures after the one where she is running, but they were pictures of the floor as I was chasing her to make sure she didn’t cross the barrier and try to grab the thread.

The final picture is the artist’s drawing of what the exhibit should look like.  Gabriel did say that he did not use rendering software or algorithms to make his computer drawings, he used the computer screen like a piece of paper, it was just easier for him, especially with a background in graphic design.

It turned out to be a pretty good day today, even with Joya not making it through the lecture.  I just hope it turns out to be a good night, too.

MOCA Jax – Project Atrium: Gabriel Dawe

We attended the member preview of the new Project Atrium at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) Jacksonville this evening.  The artist was Gabriel Dawe and his project was titled Plexus No 38.  It consists of industrial sewing thread made into a series of 3D triangles.  The pictures really do it no justice.  When you see it up close and walk around, the entire look of it changes.  Joya seemed to enjoy the piece, though she went back into hockey mode beating on the glass.

Joya was a little shy at first, you can see how she was clinging to my shoulder.  The preview was packed tonight so I can understand why she was clingy.  She did really well at the preview, listened to the speakers, and then walked around the different levels of the museum with us to see the artwork from different angles.  She also got to see Ms. Sheri, Ms. Lashonda, and Ms. Jaime, the curator.  I think she loves to see all of them, even if she does play coy whenever she first sees them.

After walking around, viewing the art and meeting friends, we wandered back down to the front where Conni got to speak to the artist for a few minutes.  I asked him if he had to tie the threads together or if he tied them off at the hooks.  He said he tied them together near the hooks.  We thanked him for his artwork and shook his hand to leave.  As we turned to leave, Joya insisted on shaking his hand, too.  He laughed and shook her hand.  We headed to Cafe Nola, which is in the museum, for dessert before heading home.  I ordered a pineapple rum cheesecake.  All three of us liked it, it was like eating a pineapple upside down cake made with cheesecake.

Joya tried to doze off on the way home, but didn’t go to sleep.  Shortly after we got home, I gave her a dose of Tylenol to help with the inflammation from her trip to the dermatologist today, then rocked her to sleep.


Dermatologist Appointment

Joya had a visit to the dermatologist today to have skin tags looked at. The dermatologist thought most of them were molluscum, a virus that causes little tags that eventually go away as the immune system learns how to fight them. We all have the virus, adult’s immune systems have learned how to fight them off.  There was one she’s had since birth that he was a little concerned about. He numbed her and shaved it off for a biopsy, along with one on her neck, just to make sure. He’s not too worried about it, he just wants to make sure. While cauterizing where he shaved off the tags, he also quickly zapped another one on her face, one on her neck and one on her shoulder.  He said that little zap would cut off the blood supply and they would go away.  Joya was a trooper through the entire procedure, only crying a bit.  We could see the droop in her cheek from the lidocaine for a few hours after the procedure, but she didn’t seem to mind.  She kept opening and closing her jaw because the numbness is a new sensation. It’s interesting to watch how she deals with new sensations and feelings.  We took the band-aid off this evening to look at the scab to make sure it looked fine.  As you can see, it’s just a simple little scab that should heal nicely with no scar.

Tonight we are headed to the Jacksonville Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) for a member’s preview of the opening of a new atrium exhibit.  More after the event.

Virginia – Florida: Chincoteague, Chesapeake Bay Farms, Busch Gardens, Williamsburg and Travel

Continuing from the trip to Chincoteague, Kim, Joya and I took a trip to Chesapeake Bay Farms to have ice cream.  While we were there, Joya climbed on a bench that was shaped like a cow.  Unfortunately I wasn’t fast enough to get a picture of her hugging the plastic cow, but she did.  After ice cream, we walked around the farm and saw sheep, goats, cows, donkeys and burros.  You can see Joya staring as one of the workers fed the sheep.  Kim took her for a walk to see the burro.  Joya was intrigued by him, though she wouldn’t get close enough to actually pet his head.

For dinner that night, Kim and Jeff provided a seafood smorgasbord: crab legs, shrimp and clams.  Joya didn’t seem too thrilled with the shrimp or crab, she spit the crab out.  She took a bite of cocktail sauce and seemed okay with it at first, but then got this look on her face, scrunched her eyes and violently shook her head from side to side.  I can only assume that she bit into the horseradish and didn’t find it very appealing.  She ate no more cocktail sauce.  She did love the clams, though.  They were steamed in white wine, garlic and butter.  She ate five of them, which is good for Joya — and good, in general, because I know many people who wouldn’t even eat one.

We would’ve spent more time in Chincoteague, but we had to get back to Chesapeake:  we had planned another trip to Busch Gardens.  Fortunately this trip to Busch Gardens was less whirlwind than the 4th of July.  We mostly saw shows, visited friends and just enjoyed walking around the park.  The first show we watched was “Mix It Up”.  You can see Joya in my lap, intently watching the show.  It was a percussion and wind instrument show.  She loved it all, but especially the drums and the performers using pots and pans as drums (I know I’m going to pay for that one soon).  We had ribs for lunch and you can see that Joya, as usual, enjoyed gnawing on the rib bone.  And the sauce.  She loved the BBQ sauce.  She would dip the plastic knife in the sauce and eat it.  Well, eat the part she didn’t fling on Mike or me (or the table, or the ground) as she was attempting to eat it.  It took a few wipes to clean her up when she was done.  Oh, and the BBQ hand print on my shorts when she grabbed my leg to move herself with her BBQ covered hand.  Fortunately it washed out.  We got to say “BYE!” to Nora and Paul, and Joya got a new stuffed toy, Le Zazou, a stuffed elephant from France.

The last full day in Virginia, we went to Williamsburg to get a salt pottery mug for my Aunt Edith.  It was a quick trip into Colonial Williamsburg.  Mike treated Joya and me to lunch at Williamsburg Winery afterwards — and a wine tasting (the 2016 Viognier is a great vintage, in case you were wondering).  The pictures are a little out of order, but the final picture of Joya in her purple shirt with a giant smile is at the Gabriel Archer Tavern at Williamsburg Winery.

Finally we had to head back to Florida, but not before watching Moana at least 15 times and shredding a pack of wet wipes and scattering them around the entire house.  We broke the trip up into two days to make it easier on all of us.  A much-needed ‘easier’ — after all, we were returning to Florida to actually slow down and relax!  The traffic was nowhere near as bad as the traffic on the way up, thankfully, though there were still plenty of jerks on the road.  We stopped for a diaper change and a short break and Joya climbed into the front seat with me and stood at the steering wheel looking out.  From the look on her face she must have thought there were a lot of jerks out there, too.  We are now settled back in Florida where Joya has a dermatology appointment tomorrow and a trip to the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) on Friday for the opening of the new Atrium exhibit.


Virginia: Busch Gardens and Chincoteague

I have been woefully behind (inept?) at keeping this blog updated.  I get busy doing other things and forget to take the time to say something about the things that Joya has done.  There are a lot of things that I am going to skip because it’s easier to just start fresh from this point and move forward vice continually trying to play the catch up game.

We left on July 1, 2107 to go to Virginia to visit friends, go to Busch Gardens and check on my house.  We stopped at a rest area in South Carolina to get out and walk around and to let Joya stretch her legs.  The glamor shots above are of her in the rest area.  She ran around the rest area, waving at all the trucks and drivers, then she climbed on one of the picnic tables and posed with her leg up in the air.  She thought nothing of it, I about died laughing before I could get her picture taken.  During the baby shower for Noodle, Joya got a small pink dog as a present, and she just loved it!

On our trip to Busch Gardens, Joya wore a patriotic Minnie Mouse dress and I put a portable fan on a spray bottle in the stroller with her.  The cringe you see is after I sprayed her in the face with the water.  She wouldn’t let me get on one of the roller coasters, as you can see from the death grip she has around my neck.  So I let Justin and Mike ride the coaster and took Joya to the caricature place to get her caricature done to look like Wonder Woman.  She was just as good and calm as she could be while she was sitting there.  She eventually fell asleep and I got to ride coasters — but this was after lunch.  I ordered us a German sausage sampler platter.  She ate bratwurst, white bratwurst and took a bite of the kielbasa and decided she didn’t really like it.  Which was followed by her spitting it out on me.  We went to see a couple of shows after she woke up.  We watched Celtic Fyre first and got a seat at one of the tables in the front where they dance in front of you.  When the show first started Joya cringed and cried from all of the clapping.  But once the dancing started, she was just fine.  Several of the dancers talked to her and one of them even asked for a high five, which she obliged him with.  The second show was Britmania.  She loved this one, too.  She sat perfectly still and her head moved back and forth as they danced across the stage.  After the show I sat her on the stage and took her picture (a note for everyone else, you’re not supposed to do that and a stage manager will come and shoo you away).  I did get the picture, though!  We had reservations for the Busch Gardens Fourth of July picnic.  Joya would eat the ribs, or the chicken, or the pasta salad, but she did eat a slice of watermelon and a corn on the cob.  I didn’t get all of the watermelon out of her shirt, I’ll have to stain stick it again.  With the picnic came a private spot to view the fireworks.  Joya DID NOT like the fireworks, I think because they were too loud.  She did watch some of them, but mostly had a death grip on my neck while the fireworks were going.  The next evening, Paul and Nora came over for ribs and chicken — and Joya decided it was too hot in the house so she took off her pants and stood in the refrigerator.

Yesterday, July 6, Joya and I dropped Conni off at the airport so she could go to Iowa and we drove to Chincoteague to visit Kim and Jeff.  This morning we went to Assateague Island to walk on the beach.  When we first got there, the first wave hit Joya and I picked her up before it got her too wet because she was so close to it.  After that, she started running away from the waves as they washed up on the beach.  Then she saw Kim and me walking in the waves and decided that she wanted to go walk in them again … and took a nosedive into one of them, getting all covered with sand and salt water.  I picked her up to walk her back to the truck and she decided that she had to walk in every wave after that.  Once we got back to the truck, I walked her over to the showers, washed the sand off and put on her spare outfit.  She definitely had a blast.

On the way back for lunch, we stopped at the Pony Center so she could see the horses.  She wasn’t too afraid of the horse at first, but when he turned his head towards her, she hugged Kim around the neck.  We went to the souvenir shop and she had to have a little stuffed pony.  Then another little stuffed pony.

Next in the queue is to go to the farm and get ice cream! Once she wakes up from her post-lunch nap.