Dermatologist Appointment

Joya had a visit to the dermatologist today to have skin tags looked at. The dermatologist thought most of them were molluscum, a virus that causes little tags that eventually go away as the immune system learns how to fight them. We all have the virus, adult’s immune systems have learned how to fight them off.  There was one she’s had since birth that he was a little concerned about. He numbed her and shaved it off for a biopsy, along with one on her neck, just to make sure. He’s not too worried about it, he just wants to make sure. While cauterizing where he shaved off the tags, he also quickly zapped another one on her face, one on her neck and one on her shoulder.  He said that little zap would cut off the blood supply and they would go away.  Joya was a trooper through the entire procedure, only crying a bit.  We could see the droop in her cheek from the lidocaine for a few hours after the procedure, but she didn’t seem to mind.  She kept opening and closing her jaw because the numbness is a new sensation. It’s interesting to watch how she deals with new sensations and feelings.  We took the band-aid off this evening to look at the scab to make sure it looked fine.  As you can see, it’s just a simple little scab that should heal nicely with no scar.

Tonight we are headed to the Jacksonville Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) for a member’s preview of the opening of a new atrium exhibit.  More after the event.