MOCA Jax – Project Atrium: Gabriel Dawe

We attended the member preview of the new Project Atrium at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) Jacksonville this evening.  The artist was Gabriel Dawe and his project was titled Plexus No 38.  It consists of industrial sewing thread made into a series of 3D triangles.  The pictures really do it no justice.  When you see it up close and walk around, the entire look of it changes.  Joya seemed to enjoy the piece, though she went back into hockey mode beating on the glass.

Joya was a little shy at first, you can see how she was clinging to my shoulder.  The preview was packed tonight so I can understand why she was clingy.  She did really well at the preview, listened to the speakers, and then walked around the different levels of the museum with us to see the artwork from different angles.  She also got to see Ms. Sheri, Ms. Lashonda, and Ms. Jaime, the curator.  I think she loves to see all of them, even if she does play coy whenever she first sees them.

After walking around, viewing the art and meeting friends, we wandered back down to the front where Conni got to speak to the artist for a few minutes.  I asked him if he had to tie the threads together or if he tied them off at the hooks.  He said he tied them together near the hooks.  We thanked him for his artwork and shook his hand to leave.  As we turned to leave, Joya insisted on shaking his hand, too.  He laughed and shook her hand.  We headed to Cafe Nola, which is in the museum, for dessert before heading home.  I ordered a pineapple rum cheesecake.  All three of us liked it, it was like eating a pineapple upside down cake made with cheesecake.

Joya tried to doze off on the way home, but didn’t go to sleep.  Shortly after we got home, I gave her a dose of Tylenol to help with the inflammation from her trip to the dermatologist today, then rocked her to sleep.