MOCA Jax: Art and Ideas, Gabriel Dawe

We had a particularly rough night last night.  Joya woke up about every hour, took thirty minutes to go back to sleep each time, but then woke back up.  It definitely took a toll on all of us, though Joya took over a two-hour nap today, so she got the better end of that deal!  It took a little while to get her down tonight, so I’m hoping tonight isn’t a repeat of last night.

We attended a talk with Gabriel Dawe today, the artist who created the Project Atrium: Plexus No 38 at MOCA Jax. These lectures are always amazing because of the interaction with the artists and learning about each one’s individual style and art.  Joya sat through the first part of it well, but started getting fidgety and loud so I had to take her out.  You can see in the pictures the marquee screen, Jaime DeSimone giving and introduction, and then Jaime with Gabriel as they start the talk.  I included one of the pictures of one of his previous works so you could see the type of installations he does.  Gabriel spoke of how his art plays with light and color.  My favorite parts of his talk were when he said that as he strung up the thread, the material disappeared and only color remained, which you can definitely see as you look at his work.  He also said that the space tells him what to do with it, and as he does it, it is like he is drawing in space.  Looking at the exhibits, I would say it looks like he is drawing in space with light and color.  Very beautiful installations.

Joya did not last through the entire lecture, so she and I went into the museum and explored and left Conni to hear the remainder.  I managed to get a couple of more pictures of her as she was running around the atrium.  There were a couple of pictures after the one where she is running, but they were pictures of the floor as I was chasing her to make sure she didn’t cross the barrier and try to grab the thread.

The final picture is the artist’s drawing of what the exhibit should look like.  Gabriel did say that he did not use rendering software or algorithms to make his computer drawings, he used the computer screen like a piece of paper, it was just easier for him, especially with a background in graphic design.

It turned out to be a pretty good day today, even with Joya not making it through the lecture.  I just hope it turns out to be a good night, too.